In its 15th year, ESNS’s European Talent Exchange Programma (ETEP) has generated a record number of bookings for upcoming music talent at European festivals for the third consecutive year. With a total of 424 shows by 164 acts in over 30 countries, ETEP continues to ensure the circulation of fresh, bright, young talent across the continent.
We are delighted that over 100 festivals are offering these European acts a chance to perform to new audiences at events ranging from the small and intimate such as at Haldern Pop, to the talent-driven such as The Great Escape as well as at major, award winning festivals such as Rock am Ring and Roskilde. 
From the start of the programme in 2003, ETEP has facilitated 3518 shows by 1254 artists in over 30 countries in total.

ETEP 2017 Results
British band SHAME is at the top of the ETEP 2017 list with a record-breaking 17 ETEP shows! ‘It was good for us to play Eurosonic, it enables you to play for so many more people, it’s a good stepping-off point!’ the band added.

This year’s top performing acts (by country) are:

Rejjie SnowIE8
J. BernardtBE7
Tommy CashEE6
Fil Bo RivaIT/DE6
Throes + The ShinePT5

Warm welcome!
We proudly welcome Acoustic Lakeside Festival (AT), BUSH (HU), Immergut Festival (DE), Metronome Festival (CH), Revolution Festival (RO), Rock in Rio (PT), Tremor (PT), TRNSMT (GB), Woodstock Festival (PL), Zermett Unplugged (CZ) to ETEP in 2018, bringing us to a total of 110 ETEP-festivals. Furthermore, we’d like to welcome our new partners: Why Portugal, Music Estonia, Iceland Music Export (IMX) and the PRS Foundation to the platform. By welcoming them to the ETEP family, we generate even more opportunities for European artists to showcase their music!

These are the current top-scoring acts per country:

ShameGB 10
Fil Bo RivaIT/DE 5
KlangstofNL 5
BalojiBE 3
MømeFR 3
Tommy CashEE 3
SløtfaceNO 3
FaberCH 3
RooseveltDE 2
Rejjie SnowIE 2


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