What is Yourope?
Yourope was founded in 1998, and has evolved into the most important Association of European Festivals.

Besides discussing trade topics and sharing best practices with its 90 festivals and associated members, Yourope has founded dedicated groups dealing with health & safety (YES Group), green operations (GO Group) and marketing & communication (EMAC Group).

Founded in November 1998, its members are dedicated to improving the European festival scene in terms of:

  • working conditions
  • health and safety issues
  • environmental awareness
  • exchange of knowledge and information
  • promoting the cross-border exchange of live music talent in Europe

The overall aim of the association is to collaborate, share experiences and to pinpoint areas that would benefit from a joint approach. Having gained respect within the industry and at government level, Yourope has the power to lobby for all legal and industry issues relating to the European festival industry on behalf of its members, and in conjunction with other associations in the live music business. Yourope also focuses on other key issues for festivals, such as exchange of information regarding marketing and sponsorship, contracts, production riders, radio/TV/internet rights and more. The association launched its own Yourope standard terms for artist contracts and a standard agreement for use.