Squid and Black Country, New Road heading this year’s first ETEP Charts

94 confirmed festival bookings for 2020 already

ESNS took place less than a month ago, but the ESNS talent exchange programme ETEP is already proving its worth. The exchange programme that focuses on offering European acts international opportunities has already resulted in 94 confirmed festival slots for 58 acts originating from 23 countries at 45 festivals. 

Interview with Codruta Vulcu

Vulcu is the founder and director of the ARTmania Festival in Sibiu in Romania, a location that indicates the geographical reach of ETEP. The festival is held in the centre of Sibiu and celebrates its 15th edition in 2020. Vulcu and her team even manage to add a music conference for professionals to the event, a worthwhile convention which allows other Europeans to discover and explore how the music sector works in this part of Europe. In return Vulcu attends several of those events in Europe, that she considers helpful for her activities at Artmania. Attending ESNS

has enabled her to undertake a profound analysis of ETEP and the situation for the live music sector in Eastern and Western Europe.    

Interview with Andraž Kajzer

Last weekend the MENT festival took place in Slovenia. The first ETEP festival of the year offered a selection of no less than 11 ETEP acts, originating from 10 different European countries: Molchat Doma (by), Anger (at), Balkan Taksim (ro), Black Country, New Road (gb), Bratři (cz), Buč Kesidi (rs), Eugenia Post Meridiem (it), Evija Vebere (lv), Fvlcrvm (sk), My Ugly Clementine (at) and The Qualitons (hu). Manfred Tari spoke to MENT’s Andraž Kajzer about the event’s involvement in ETEP and the promotion of Eastern-European music.