MENT x ETEP Session - A Debut for MENT, ETEP & Molchat Doma

Streaming in times of shut downs in Europe prospers. For the time being, the streaming of concerts is as close as we can get to the joy of seeing live music for music fans in quarantaine. 

In a joint effort ETEP-festival MENT backed by Multipraktik Film now delivers a 10 minutes set of Molchat Dolma, featuring the songs: Звёзды (Zvezdy), Судно (Sudno) & Волны (Volny).

The first MENT x ETEP Session has been recorded in the Computer Museum of Ljubljana on February 7, one day after Molchat Dolma delivered a proper concert at Gala Hala as part of MENT Festival.

Molchat Dolma internationally is gaining fans and recognition, playing sold out shows across Europe and they were even supposed to go on tour this spring in North America, including shows in Mexico City, major cities in the US and Canada.

Molchat Dolma has been founded in 2017 in Minsk, Belarus. Their current album “Этажи” (“Etazhi”) has been put out as a reissue by the US Label Scared Bones as well as their debut album “S Krysh Nashikh Domov.”

MENT described their music as a “dark blend of danceable post-punk, new wave and synth-pop pays tribute to the pioneers of the genre, whilst placing them among those ranks as well.”

More information on the band is available on