Just two months after ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), the first effects of ESNS’s European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) are starting to show. Just 51 out of the 129 ETEP festivals have revealed (parts of) their line up, but already 143 ETEP shows have been confirmed. With 10 ETEP festival slots 2019 promises to be a great year for Irish band Fontaines D.C., but the Irish post-punkers are definitely not the only ETEP acts that can be found on many festivals this year. You can find the 10 most booked ETEP acts below:

Top 10 acts
1. Fontaines D.C. (ie) – 10 shows
2. Black Midi (gb) – 7 shows
3. Flohio (gb) – 6 shows
4. Pip Blom (nl) – 5 shows
5. The Murder Capital (ie) – 4 shows
6. Iris Gold (dk) – 4 shows
7. Yegor Zabelov (by) – 3 shows
8. Whispering Sons (be) – 3 shows
9. Lewsberg (nl) – 3 shows
10. Whenyoung (ie) – 3 shows

Top 10 By Country

1. Ireland, Fontaines D.C. – 10 shows
2. Great Britain, Black Midi – 7 shows
3. The Netherlands, Pip Blom – 5 shows
4. Denmark,  Iris Gold – 4 shows
5. Belarus,  Yegor Zabelov – 3 shows
6. Belgium, Whispering Sons – 3 shows
7. Norway, girl in red – 2 shows
8. Sweden, Linn Koch-Emmery –  2 shows
9. Austria, Mavi Phoenix (at) – 2 shows
10. The Czech Repulbic, Zabelov Group – 2 shows

Want to see a full overview of all ETEP acts and where they are performing?

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ETEP Festivals

Aiming to promote European music across the world, ETEP supports the booking of emerging European talent at festivals in 37 countries. Alongside working closely together with these festivals, ETEP also actively cooperates with 16 export offices and the European Broadcasting Union.

The following festivals have confirmed the most ETEP 2019 shows so far: The Great Escape (20 ETEP acts), by:larm (7 ETEP acts), Les Nuits Botanique (7 ETEP acts), MENT Ljubljana (6 ETEP acts), Best Kept Secret (5 ETEP acts) Lollapalooza Berlin (5 ETEP acts).

“ETEP selection results are always a surprise – No one can predict the ten most booked acts. I am really pleased to see how ETEP is helping the circulation of European artists in the live sector already so early in the year. The first results also prove that festivals across the world are interested in putting on a wide variety of different styles/genres by European artists on their events”
Robert Meijerink, Head of programme & Programme manager EU talent at ESNS.

Nadat ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) eerder al 243 acts aankondigde voor Eurosonic, komt de organisatie vandaag met veertien nieuwe bevestigingen.

De volgende acts zijn aan de line-up toegevoegd voor het festival in januari: Amilli (de), Annelie (nl), Belle Mt (gb), De Sluwe Vos (nl), Dorian Concept (at), Jacco Gardner’s Somnium (nl), Jarreau Vandal Live (nl), Klangstof (nl), Konni Kass (fo), La Fraicheur (fr), Mahalia (gb), Marc Melià (es), Pieter De Graaf (nl) en Remy (nl) doen een showcase in Groningen. Meer namen worden in de komende weken aangekondigd.

ETEP artist top 10:

Superorganism (gb) – 19 shows
Zeal & Ardor (ch) – 13 shows
Altin Gün (nl) – 10 shows
Sigrid (no) – 10 shows
Tamino (be) – 10 shows
Cari Cari (at) – 8 shows
Tshegue (fr) – 8 shows
Alma (fi) – 7 shows
Dermot Kennedy (ie) – 7 shows
Alice Merton (de) – 6 shows

ETEP 2018 Festival top 10:
Reeperbahn – 33 ETEP acts
The Great Escape – 29 ETEP acts
Iceland Airwaves – 16 ETEP acts
Waves Vienna – 15 ETEP acts
Roskilde – 13 ETEP acts
Lowlands – 11 ETEP acts
Rock Werchter – 11 ETEP acts
Tallinn Music Week – 11 ETEP acts
By:Larm – 10 ETEP acts
Haldern Pop – 9 ETEP acts

View the full ETEP results via here. Please filter on the year 2018.

ETEP 2019: even more possibilities!

We proudly welcome Clockenflap (cn), Kendal Calling (gb), Mad Cool festival (es), Rolling Stone Park (de), Stereoleto (ru), Truck Festival (gb), Wacken Open Air (de) Y Not Festival (gb) to ETEP in 2019, bringing us to a total of 128 ETEP festivals. Furthermore, we’d like to welcome our new partners: Czech Music Office, LaLa Slovak Music Export and Italia Music Export to the platform. By bringing them in to the ETEP family, ETEP further strengthens the opportunities for emerging European artists both inside and outside Europe.

Looking back at 4.001 ETEP shows

Since the start of the programme in 2003 ETEP has facilitated 4.001 shows by 1.445 acts in 34 countries, and we are very proud to have contributed to the careers of so many talented European acts. Many acts that received support from ETEP at the start of their careers have grown out to be very successful. Over the past 17 years, acts such as Agnes Obel, Ásgeir, Ben Howard, Benjamin Clementine, Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand, James Blake, MØ, Noisia, Selah Sue, The Editors, The Kooks, The XX, Within Temptation and Years & Years have greatly benefited from the support of the ETEP programme. More recently, acts such as Idles, Shame, Alma, Aurora and Dua Lipa played some of their first international shows with the support of the European Talent Exchange Programme.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future brings, but one thing is set in stone: ETEP will continue to grow and offer even more artist great opportunities!

De Verenigde Podiumkunstenfestivals presenteert vandaag het pamflet ‘Festivals, geen ontkomen meer aan‘, waarin ESNS samen met 39 landelijke festivals uit alle regio’s aandacht vraagt voor een positieve kijk op festivals. Want festivalisering is belangrijk in het denken over de hedendaagse kunstsector. Daarnaast zijn festivals in de werkelijkheid veel belangrijker dan in het verouderde cultuurbeleid is opgenomen.

Daarom staat ESNS achter de boodschap van het pamflet: “Plaats innovatieve festivalwerking in het hart van politiek beleid, daar waar het anno 2018 thuishoort. Geef de podiumkunstenfestivals de ruimte om zich te kunnen blijven ontwikkelen en om nog succesvoller te zijn. Benadruk daarnaast het belang van festivals in het land en begin van daaruit te denken over de culturele sector vanaf 2021. Want die festivals, daar is geen ontkomen meer aan.”


Acts wishing to play at ESNS19 are invited to send in their applications now. Applications can be submitted until September 1, 2018.

Eurosonic Noorderslag is the key exchange and networking platform for European music, with a proven track record for helping new acts break into the international music scene. Selling out each year, Eurosonic Noorderslag attracts over 4000 delegates, including representatives of more than 400 international festivals.

Each act playing at the showcase festival are eligible for the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP). ESNS initiated ETEP in 2003 to make the ‘exchange’ of European artists across Europe possible on a greater scale than ever before. ETEP facilitates the bookings of European acts on festivals outside their home countries and generates extensive media exposure for these artists in cooperation with 27 EBU radio stations, 15 export offices and a broad network of local media. This way, ETEP aims to give a boost to the international careers of European artists.

As part of ETEP 2018 Alice Merton, Alma, Altin Gün, AvAvAv, Cari Cari, Dermot Kennedy, Meute, NAAZ, Pale Waves, Rejjie Snow, San Holo, Sigrid, Superorganism, Tamino, Tshegue, Zeal & Ardor and Zulu Zulu played, or will play, a lot of festivals, kickstarting their careers with help from the European Talent Exchange Programme.

In the past, acts like Aurora, Dua Lipa, Hozier, Ibeyi, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, MHD, MØ, Shame, Tommy Cash played successful showcases at ESNS and benefited from ETEP.