Results 2020
The year 2020 was different than any other year, since we all had to deal with a pandemic that brought the world to a standstill. Because of this, many ETEP festivals were cancelled or postponed. To still succeed in the mission of ETEP, to give emerging acts as much exposure as possible, they adjusted their strategy. Next to booking the ETEP artists, the festivals were allowed to promote them on their platforms if their festival could not take place. This resulted in 124 promotions for 74 acts from 21 countries by 74 festivals from 26 countries and a total of 45 shows by 40 acts from 26 countries playing at 12 festivals in 12 countries. In total there were 102 different emerging artists from 31 countries supported by bookings or promotions by ETEP festivals.

2020 acts are eligible for ETEP 2021
Despite the results from the ETEP 2020 programme, the organisation chooses to give the ETEP20 acts another chance at being booked by ETEP festivals. For this year’s ETEP-programme all festivals can select artists from both ESNS 2020 and 2021 line-ups.

First selection 2021
With ESNS just behind us, the first selection results are in. With 25 festivals voting for 136 artists, we present the artists to watch, according to the participating ETEP festivals.

  1. Altin Gün (nl)
  2. Daði Freyr (is)
  3. Holly Humberstone (gb)
  4. Alyona Alyona (ua)
  5. Faux Real (fr)

These five acts are followed closely by Afrodelic (it), Donna Blue (nl), Finn Ronsdorf (de), Katy J Pearson (gb), Lous & The Yakuza (be), My Ugly Clementine (at), Nava (it), Personal Trainer (nl), Playback Maracas (es), The Goa Express (gb) and Yīn Yīn (nl).

Re-watch ESNS 2021
All ESNS21 shows have been broadcast during the festival last month. The shows can be re-watched on the festival platform via: All videos are available until the end of this year.

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