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Marta Knight
Wed 19 Jan | ESNS 01 | 20:20 - 20:30 | Eurosonic

Marta Knight Spain


Marta Knight says she only wants to craft songs to listen to in her room when everyone is asleep. The 23-year-old Barcelonan, who spent her adolescence obsessed with Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Smiths before falling hard for singer-songwriters like Johnny Cash, Tracy Chapman, and Bob Dylan, writes for the nocturnal space between midnight and the dawn. Her songs soundtrack late-night confessions–the moments when one is just as likely to fall in love as they are to stare at the ceiling, wondering just what it is they’re doing with their lives and where anything could possibly lead. She describes “Creations,” her newest single, as about the people and places that leave marks on us–the parties we don’t go to, the movies that make us rethink our place in the universe, and the songs we cry to on a shitty day. Co-produced by collaborator Pau Riutort (who works closely with El Guincho & has produced Rosalía, FKA Twigs) and multi-instrumentalist Jordi Matas – she reflects on all of it, her looped guitar serving as her anchor: “Can you believe there was a time they weren’t there / And they could’ve been just air?” she asks. “I don’t believe in death / Don’t even believe life has started yet,” she sings, as apt an introduction to her musical world–and the songs she has to share–as any.


Neem de akkoorden van ‘Resurrection’ en probeer Marta Knight te plaatsen. Is dit een ode aan Iggy Pops ‘The Passenger’, dreampop naar Californisch model of een klassieke Britpop-referentie? De 20-jarige singer-songwriter uit Barcelona balanceert tussen contemporaine folk en introspectieve lo-fi indie rock. Haar songs passen gemakkelijk in een playlist met Julien Baker, Sharon Van Etten, Townes Van Zandt, Kurt Vile en Oasis. Na een eerste EP brengt Marta Knight begin 2022 haar debuutplaat uit, geproduceerd door Pau Riutort (Rosalía, FKA Twigs).

ROCK folk rock | indie rock

SINGER/SONGWRITER singer-songwriter


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